Intro to Rock:  3 Hours, Boulder Bear brings all the gear. Does all the set up and heavy lifting. You just come and climb till you can’t climb anymore. Held at the Bluffs, Silver Harbour or Pass Lake. $30 per person.

Transition Gym to Rock: 6 Hours, Indoor to Outdoor. Start off at Boulder Bear Climbing Centre and learn all of the knots and top rope systems in the on the ground in the gym setting. After mastering the material in a controlled environment we will spend the afternoon out at the cliff putting into practice what we learned in the morning session. Locations: Bluffs, Silver Hardour and Pass Lake. $60 per Person.

Beginner Rock: 4 Hours, a great introduction to climbing. Let Boulder Bear supply all the gear. Learn the necessary knots, how to belay, cliff safety and basic climbing technique. Locations: Bluffs, Silver Hardour and Pass Lake $40 per Person.

Group/Family: 4 Hours. Let Boulder Bear plan your next group outing or family activity. We will bring all the gear you need, set everything up and provide you with a fantastic experience. All you need to do is pick the destination, show up and be ready to climb. $35 per person. 

Private Sessions: You pick the place. You pick the topic or adventure. We supply the gear and the know how. 4 hour and 6 hour sessions. Call for pricing.